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Show our love together

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I don’t use the word Hero lightly. But in my hear, KISA EMMANUEL in Uganda is undoubtedly a hero.

We call him Emma. Emma is 26, a young man with a big heart. In 2007, he and his Ministries, Grace Ministries Uganda, started the project, Uganda Orphan Aid Trust (UOAT). UOAT was established with the purpose of achieving the survival, protection and development of AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in the impoverished communities of Uganda. This is an unthinkable task, giving the obstacles he’s facing, in terms of resource, communications and accessibility to charity organizations and donations.

But Emma was determined to make a difference. He and his wife devote themselves entirely to the cause, They started, in 2008, with helping 7 HIV positive kids. Now they are caring 87 HIV positive children, 96 orphans to AIDS and other causes and 112 vulnerable children.

Emma never takes any credit for himself. He uses the Ministries’ name to express gratitude to anyone who lends a helping hand. When talking about him with a mutual friend, Chris (who’s working with the charity organization UCHF) , Chris repeated: “he is a good man”, referring Emma.

Many of these children are exposed to endangerment to their lives due to the lack of health care and healthy food. UOAT is committed to save the lives and carry on continued support of education and development for the children.

When I saw the story, I became emotionally attached. There are so many unknown heroes around the world with their love and compassion who are doing the impossibles. Like many of them, Emma does ask for the recognition. He’s just hoping more people would extend their love to these kids.

These kids are fortunate, because they have Emma. But, “Currently, Uganda is home to over 4 million orphans and vulnerable children who have lost either one or both parents. ” Emma needs help, these kids deserve better.

Let’s show our love together so the children know their future is bright.

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Watching the Rose Parade on New Years day, I cheered with the crowds as the float of the Grand Marshal passing by.

Captain Sullenberger

Captain Chesley Sullenberger rode down Colorado Boulevard in a vintage 1928 Pierce Arrow with his wife, Lorrie, and two daughters. He is the Grand Marshal of this year’s parade. He is a real person, a real hero.

On January 15, 2009, when his US Airways Flight 1549 failed, Capt. Chesley Sullenberger, remaining cool, calm and collected, successfully ditched his flight into the Hudson River, saved 155 lives. After the plane was down, he undid his safety belt and walked the length of the plane to make sure all the passengers were safely outside. Calling him “Sully”, the family and friends were not surprised at all at his heroic action, “If you met Sully, you’d understand. You’d say, ‘Yep, that’s Sully.’” “He’s a great guy,” said John and Jane Garcia, neighbors of Sullenberger. A great guy indeed. And a story of inspiration. 

Heroes of 9/11

The Hero Of Flight 1549 is just one of the many inspiring stories of the last decade. In contrast to the cruel conducts of those who continuously disrespect justice and rights of others, there were countless individuals and groups in the decade brought hope to the world with their courage and loving-hearts. 

The Heroes of 9/11 – the firefighters, the policemen, the medical personnel, rescue workers, and all the common people who helped others on the attack sites during the actual disaster days, and those who helped to clean up in the aftermath of 9-11-01. For at least one day in 2001, there were no Republicans or Democrats. The nation came together on 9/11 like never before, and the volunteers, rescue workers, and civil servants who gave their lives on that day were an undeniable inspiration. 

Betty Makoni

Betty Makoni – The Zimbabwe native, a victim of childhood sexual abuse, used her experience to transform the lives of girls in southern Africa. The Girl Child Network she created has provided a haven for young victims of sexual abuse, and has rescued more than 35,000 girls since 2001. “Our goal,” says Makoni, “is to dismantle the link between culture and violence against the girls and enable them to take charge of their own destiny.” 

Jorge Munoz

Jorge Munoz

An Angel in Queens: Jorge Munoz – Since 2004, the school bus driver has handed out more than 70,000 meals from his mobile soup kitchen in Queens – for free. “Every single night, Jorge is here,” said one the people Jorge helped. “Doesn’t matter. Rain, thunderstorm, lightning. He do that from his good will, you know. He feeds everybody, make the stomach happy. He’s an angel.” 

Budi Soehardi

Budi Soehardi, Indonesia’s real hero – In a country that the news is about corruption at the highest levels of government and the persistent poverty among the nation’s masses, Budi Soehardi brings some hope to his country’s citizens. Budi founded a children’s home in one of the poorest areas of Indonesia. Today, Roslin Orphanage in West Timor provides food, shelter and education to more than 45 children. “What has been done by Budi may not be that spectacular in terms of the number of people he helps, but it’s real,” said Bayu, the deputy minister of the Agriculture Ministry.

Xu Zhiyong

Xu Zhiyong, a bright light in the dark – In a nation human dignity and human rights are considered irrelevant by the authorities, Xu Zhiyong is determined to make a change with his own actions. The legal scholar and activist has emerged as a vocal champion of victims’ rights in just about every major legal scandal of recent years, offering pro bono advice to victims of police brutality, tainted milk products, and extrajudicial detention. In 2003, Mr. Xu co-founded Gongmeng – Open Constitution Initiative – to protect the rights to which Chinese citizens are theoretically already entitled. The NGO was shut down for alleged tax irregularities, and Xu was arrested and detained in July 2009. Following a domestic and international outcry, he was released in late August. He immediately engaged himself in the unfinished tasks of helping the victims.

Brad Blauser

Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids - Five years ago, Brad Blauser of Dallas landed in Iraq as a civilian contractor. He quit his job in 2005 in order to focus full time, and without pay, on securing wheelchairs for disabled Iraqi children, to whom he refers as “the forgotten ones in this war.” For the past four years, the native Texan has been providing hope to hundreds of disabled Iraqi children and their families. 

It is impossible to list all the great stories. I am sure there are many many untold ones. It’s a shame that the big-boy medias would rather devote their passion and enthusiasm to political quarrels that do nothing positive but further widen the divide. I become discouraged these days even to think turning on a news channel, when they could use their tremendous resources to discover the beautiful souls and boost the impact to the world peace.

Humanitarian causes, like the Wheelchairs For Iraqi Kids created by Brad Blauser, also made a real difference in this troubled world in the last decade. I had the privilege to personally interact with some of organizers. Each and every time, warmness flew over my body, I walked out feeling inspired. Among these, I was particularly touched and moved by the efforts and messages of these two extraordinary organizations:

Shoes for Orphan Souls

Shoes for Orphan Souls – Shoes for Orphan Souls provides new shoes and socks to orphans and at-risk children throughout the world. From conducting shoe drives to humanitarian aid trips, Shoes for Orphan Souls offers hands-on opportunities to individuals, groups and organizations wanting to transform lives. Since 1999, 2 million pairs of new shoes and socks have been distributed to children in 68 countries. It is not just shoes, Shoes for Orphan Souls brings dignity and pride to those underprivileged children, makes them feel they belong to the family of mankind.

SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages - The world’s largest orphan charity, building families for children in need, helping them shape their own futures, and sharing in the development of their communities since 1949. SOS Children’s Villages has built 500 villages in 132 countries.

Happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not material wealth… Happiness comes from giving, not getting. If we try hard to bring happiness to others, we cannot stop it from coming to us also. To get joy, we must give it, and to keep joy, we must scatter it.” – John Templeton

Those who reach eternal happiness are the ones who have abandoned greed, who would relinquish everything, including power, when the rights of others are endangered, who truly respect equality, who surrender themselves completely to the belief that everyone is created equal. 

And they are the the backbones for a peaceful world.

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This is Bob’s favorite phrase. Bob is very proud of his “patterned invention”.  What does it mean? You ask.

The acronym stands for

Total Harmony of Enlightenment

Thank You God Every Race

Together Everyone Achieves More

Bob Hall is a dear friend. Our relationship started as business partners dates back to the mid 90s. But soon we discovered that the foundation for our long lasting friendship is our endured respect for each other, and expanded respect to all human beings.

Bob has a non-restrained tendency of helping others. He’s like a rescuer to many failing businesses. They call him when they are in trouble, offer him such titles as COO, CEO, or whatsoever. His softness in his heart prevents him from saying No, even though he knows often times those glorious titles have no financial substance to himself. “Screw them,” he complained to me, “I’m not going to offer FREE services anymore!” Then the next thing I notice is that the phone rings, and he is saying “OK, I’ll see what I can do.”

Many businesses Bob helped taking off are still flying high. His failure of locking up a lucrative package with any of them leaves him with no equity for his contribution. I told him, jokingly, “You are a bad business man.” “I am good to them,” he confessed.

But, it really hasn’t bothered him that much, because there is something much more important than being successful in personal business, something occupies a great deal of the capacity in his daily life, that is the belief embedded in the concept of The TYGER TEAM: All members of the human family are with “the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights”.

Alright, one might argue there is nothing new to this (however, you ought to admit the acronym is pretty clever). It was certainly implied in the Declaration of Independence when Thomas Jefferson wrote down “All men are created equal”.

I can even trace back to a dialog recorded in one of the academic collection taught in the ancient Confucius schools. It is stated in the Classic of Rites《礼记·礼运·大道之行也》that

 The ultimate universal principle revolves around the truth that all men under heaven are created equal.

Thomas Jefferso

Thomas Jefferson

But, it took “four score and seven years” and the extraordinary leadership of Abraham Lincoln to end slavery. It took almost 2 centuries of generations of civil rights movement to end racial segregation. The “I Have a Dream” address delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King marked the brightest spotlight in this journey.

The vision and relentless struggle the great men and women in America demonstrated in defending human rights has inspired the entire world. Now even in the most repressive regions the outcries for human rights, justice, and equality are loud and clear. These values are no longer just the American values. They are UNIVERSAL VALUES.

So, “let us celebrate!” as Bob often says.

Yes, let’s celebrate our human family of great diversity with rich heritages; let’s celebrate who we are and what we are with dignity, a sense of purpose, and respect to others; let’s celebrate our dedication to let freedom ring from every corner in the world.

Let’s recognize that “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

One day, we’ll all sing in unison and Total Harmony of Enlightenment:

Thank You God!
~Every Race

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NEVER Forget

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Never Forget

Never Forget

Today marks the 8th anniversary of 9 11. What happened 8 years ago on this date completely changed the lives of many. As we begin to observe this day, let us not fall into a mere routine action of comfortably relegate to remembrance on a single day each year. We must never forget!

The 9 11 tragedy was a direct attack to the humanities, a direct attack to the freedoms, and  a direct attack to the inalienable rights of to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Such attack could
come in other shapes and forms. We must join force with all the peace lovers across the globe to protect those rights.

Let’s join our spirits in unity and dignity to honor the heroes who lost their lives on that tragic day.

God Bless America!


A beautiful poem by Adam Zagajewski
(translated, from the Polish, by Clare Cavanagh – shared by my friend Xiao)

Try to praise the mutilated world.
Remember June’s long days,
And wild strawberries, drops of wine, the dew.
The nettles that methodically overgrow
The abandoned homesteads of exiles.
You must praise the mutilated world.
You watched the stylish yachts and ships;
One of them had a long trip ahead of it,
While salty oblivion awaited others.
You’ve seen the refugees heading nowhere,
You’ve heard the executioners sing joyfully.
You should praise the mutilated world.
Remember the moments when we were together
In a white room and the curtain fluttered.
Return in thought of the concert where music flared.
You gathered acorns in the park in autumn
And leaves eddied over the earth’s scars.
Praise the mutilated world
And the gray feather a thrush lost,
And the gentle light that strays and vanishes
And returns.

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